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  • 7 Myths about Zero-Waste Living (and 3 Surprising Truths)

    In this post, we invite you to a special edition of Zero-Waste Mythbusters. We’re busting some common myths about zero-waste living — and discovering some interesting truths, too. Debunking these myths can make your zero-waste journey easier and more approachable.
  • 11 Unique Things to Love About Our Earth-Friendly Products

    Finding earth-friendly products that actually work can feel like a hunt for the Lost City of Atlantis. But it doesn't have to! Here are 11 things that make our earth-friendly products great for you & for the planet.
  • Natural Deodorant 101: What You Need to Know

    Some natural deodorants don't make the cut — so it's hard to know where to start. In this post, learn about the types of natural deodorant and how to choose the best one for you. We also dig into the powerhouse ingredients that make up our best-selling zero-waste natural deodorant.