About Us

We are a mom & pop (and baby) team from Oregon.

Living in Panama opened our eyes to the global plastic problem. We visited remote, uninhabited islands and found beaches covered with plastics big and small. 

A fight with cancer made us consider what we put in, and on, our bodies. 

That's why we started the Silver Falls Sustainability Co. We wanted to give people body care products that wouldn't hurt themselves, or the planet. 

We do things a little differently. We won't spam your inbox or clutter your social media feed. All of our products are made here in Oregon in small batches, with the best ingredients we can find. We run out of things sometimes!

We do our best to be a truly Zero Waste company. We offset all our shipping and use entirely recyclable or compostable packaging. Even our tape is plant based and biodegradable!

We believe in the ability of one person to make a difference, and that a group of committed people can create true change. Since we started this business two years ago, together we have kept over 100,000 pieces of plastic out of the waste stream! 

We are genuinely grateful for each and every customer we have, and we try to show it in everything we do.